Hop Name: Simcoe

Common Usage: Both

Hop Characteristics
Alpha Range:12 - 14%
Beta Range:12 - 14%
Cohumulone Range:15 - 20%
Humulene Range:10 - 15%
Myrcene Range:60 - 65%
Farnesene Range:0 - 1%
Caryophyllene Range:5 - 8%
Total Oil Range:2 - 2.5 mL/100g
Simcoe has become wildly popular with craft brewers because of its top heavy characteristics in so many aspects. It has shown up to 14% alpha acids, but with cohumulone bottomed out at 12% which makes it the very lowest in cohumulone. In this manner it makes a very nice foundational bittering hop, but it is also noted for its aroma qualities. An extremely high myrcene content of up to 65% while the other oils are very low, leaves it a pleasant fruity, yet earthy, herbal and piney aroma. It has a moderate to high vigor and yield. Flying Fish used it to create its 10 year anniversary Barley Wine – 5 additions of it along with Magnum, and Sierra Nevada uses it in one of its High Altitude bold beers called Hoptimum®.

Commonly used in:
Origin: US
Storage: Good
Unique passionfruit, pine, earth and citrus characteristics

Possible Substitutions:
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